Laboratory Services

Racetrack Equine Veterinary Service has a laboratory located at our practice enabling rapid processing and analysis of samples on site in most instances.

Our on site services include haematology (red and white cell count and differential), blood protein level, joint fluid analysis and cytology (examination of tissue cells via microscope). We also have direct access to an external local laboratory to refer samples for more thorough examination. Turn around time for external testing can be as little as a few hours enabling us to provide a rapid and accurate assessment of the health status of your horse.

Routine regular blood analysis is a useful tool when training equine athletes. Assessment of the haematological and biochemical parameters can provide invaluable information on the health status of your horse leading up to competition. All blood results at REVS are interpreted by our veterinarians and comments and recommendations are made with individual circumstances taken into account. Variations in blood values are a normal phenomenon and do not necessarily reflect disease or illness. Therefore it is always important to take into account the physical state of the horse when interpreting blood results.

Examples of problems that can be assessed by routine blood testing include:
anaemia, inflammation, infection, endotoxaemia (blood poisoning); allergy and parasites; liver kidney and muscle function; hydration and electrolyte status

Examples of problems that CANNOT be detected on blood tests include:
gastric ulcers; lung congestion; fitness levels

Our laboratory is also the place where we process the samples for IRAP Joint Therapy. IRAP is a relatively new technique for combating joint injury and arthritis in horses. For more on this procedure please read the further information on IRAP on this website.